Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WOW! so i'm pretty much horrible at doing this whole blog thing. I can seem to remember to do everything else and i spend so much time on the computer but i never to this blogger thing...i even have post-it notes all over my room reminding me to do blogger. there's got to be another way. I don't really know exactly what im supposed to write about in these blog things...if im supposed to write about thing about living in the information age but i feel thats boring and kind of reptitive, there's new technologies that i learn about everyday that make my living easier. last week, i was at my brothers swim meet...he swims for the university of michigan and they had big tens at IU which was exciting for me bc they were swimming at the srsc. anyways, i think that is pretty cool how they have these touch pad things in the water that record your time instead of just relying on timers...they also have two timers. anyways the time from the touch pad goes directly up to the score board in an instant. I guess they had to find something that was accurate when people are winning these races by 1/100 of a second.


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