Thursday, May 04, 2006

end of school

Well I can't believe that i am almost done with my freshman year, it's gone by soo fast, really fast. It's kind of bittersweet leaving school for the summer bc i want to be happy that it's summer and i wont have any schoolwork to do but i'm also sad to leave IU for that long. I feel like i am just going to get really really bored at home but it will be good to see all of my high school friends. It's weird to leave my roommate because she is from Louisville, KY and I'm living in my sorority next year so i wont see her very often. In a way i'm going to miss the a way, but i think i'll be just fine without them. I only have three more years left of college so i better keep making them the best years of my life. I'm in love with college and IU, I feel like everytime i go out i just have such a great time it feels like a dream's a good thing i still have three more years of going out and having lots of fun before i have to buckle down and get a job! And by the way...i have polka dots on my blog because i love polka dots, my bedding is polka dots and they just make me happy!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Little 500 was a huge success and not overrated at all. I kind of thought that it might be a little overrated because people just go on and on about how it's the best week of their lives and so i just was kind of like yeah okay sure but it really was the best week of my life and now it's just so hard to actually buckle down on school work. I can't believe that this year is almost over, after little 5 week i just want to stay here and have every week be like that. It's so weird to think that my first year of college is actually winding down and i'll be a sophomore next year. I get sad just thinking about graduating college and i still have three more years left here. Im convinced that IU is the best all around school...we have a good academics, a wide variety of academics, and the social scene is unbeatable. I love IU

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Little 500 IU

Well, it's little 5 week here at IU which is basically a huge excuse for everyone to go out and get really drunk..which is why i love IU so much! This week has been awesome, everyone is in such a good mood and the weather is beautiful..hopefully it stays that way for the race. Everyone is on their front lawns throwing the football around, playing cornhole, and doing a ridiculous amount of drinking. Personally, i have not been to class much this week bc i obviously need to catch up on some sleep that i have lost the night before. Anyways this week is amazing and one of the best college weekends ever, ps IU just got ranked the no. 4 party school which is awesome, we need to keep that up.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

food network and cooking

so chocolate, i only have a week left on lent which means that i am going to be able to eat candy and drink diet coke, which is just excellent. i'm really starting to need candy so hopefully i can make it until easter! thom said to do a blog about something you like and i like to cook, food, and i'm doing a blog on that. i think that i first started to like to cook basically because my family likes to cook, i have found that cooking is kind of something that is passed down generation to generation. For example, my aunt writes cook books and has appeared on numerous television shows. I think that's awesome, i would love to be on the food network or do something like that with my life...i mean how entertaining would that be to go to work and cook good food and make a decent living out of it? that would just be awesome. I feel like the food network has become almost a trend in america because if you mentioned food network a few years ago, there wouldnt be that many people who knew about it, but now if you mention food network i feel like everyone watches it and has their own favorite show..everyday italian or 30 minute meals or paul dean's home cooking are a few of my favorite. i think that food network has done a great job at marketing for these differnet shows as well, none of the shows on food network are alike which, in my opinion, is hard to do when it comes to food. each one of these shows has a different catch or genre, like 30 minutes meals....the name of the show is self-explanitory. well i could probably raddle on for years about food network but i'm goign to stop for today and hopefully i'll remember to update my blog in the next week and continue on!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

chocolate obsession

So i'm going to just re-vamp my blog and start all over again with something that interests me since i've been doing this whole assignment wrong i think. I'm obsessed with chocolate, absolutely obsessed. My day is not complete without chocolate, when i wake up in the morning i crave chocolate. I just can't imagine what life would be like without chocolate, i mean there are so many things that you can do with chocolate, think about all of the things that you can cook with chocolate and in my opinion you can make anything good with chocolate. You can make huge statues out of chocolate like those big chocolate easter bunnies that they have for easter. I think that i would like to be a chocolate sculpter, that'd be a fun and interesting job. Anyways, i'm in a dilema because i gave candy up for lent and chocolate is included in candy, so i've been trying to figure out ways to eat chocolate without eating candy, like having chocolate covered pretzels...that doesn't count as candy, does it? or chocolate cake because it's cake, not chocolate, or chocolate ice cream. Anyways, it's been a struggle but i'm doing pretty well with it...i just can't wait until easter.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WOW! so i'm pretty much horrible at doing this whole blog thing. I can seem to remember to do everything else and i spend so much time on the computer but i never to this blogger thing...i even have post-it notes all over my room reminding me to do blogger. there's got to be another way. I don't really know exactly what im supposed to write about in these blog things...if im supposed to write about thing about living in the information age but i feel thats boring and kind of reptitive, there's new technologies that i learn about everyday that make my living easier. last week, i was at my brothers swim meet...he swims for the university of michigan and they had big tens at IU which was exciting for me bc they were swimming at the srsc. anyways, i think that is pretty cool how they have these touch pad things in the water that record your time instead of just relying on timers...they also have two timers. anyways the time from the touch pad goes directly up to the score board in an instant. I guess they had to find something that was accurate when people are winning these races by 1/100 of a second.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well, I'm really bad about remembering to post these blogs on the internet. So, yesterday in T101 class i realized that half of the things that i have been talking about in my blogs don't even deal with living in the information age...for example, cell phones those were developed too long ago to be in the information age. I'm not exactly sure what is in the information age and what is not in the information age. I mean there's no certain time frame of years that are included in the information age and whatnot. Basically this is just really confusing to me but that's fine. I suppose that me sitting here writing a blog and then within seconds of actually pushing the "publish post" button people all over the world can read this blog about absolute nonsense. I've been trying to notice little things in technology and try to decide wether they are in the information age or it's just something that i just discovered. For example, I have a mac computer and I just downloaded iChat, i had been using AIM but now i'm definently going to start using iChat more often. I discoved that i can actually speak to my friends who also have iChat. Yesterday i was on the phone with one of my best friends who goes to the University of Arizona and she also has an iBook, so like a big computer nerd i told her about iChat and that i thought it was really cool. So, she downloaded it while we were on the phone and then i clicked on this little button by her screen name and before we knew what was going on we were also having an audio conversation through our computers on iChat. It was really kind of funny because we both didn't know what was going on and didn't understand where to talk into and we were on two different kind of phones at once (cell phone and computer phone?) So, we wasted about an hour or so with this new "discovery" of ours and told another one of our friends so we were having a audio conversation with 3 people and it was just amazing! I believe that would be an example of "living in the information age" either that or i'm just really behind on technology. that's all for now!