Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well, I'm really bad about remembering to post these blogs on the internet. So, yesterday in T101 class i realized that half of the things that i have been talking about in my blogs don't even deal with living in the information age...for example, cell phones those were developed too long ago to be in the information age. I'm not exactly sure what is in the information age and what is not in the information age. I mean there's no certain time frame of years that are included in the information age and whatnot. Basically this is just really confusing to me but that's fine. I suppose that me sitting here writing a blog and then within seconds of actually pushing the "publish post" button people all over the world can read this blog about absolute nonsense. I've been trying to notice little things in technology and try to decide wether they are in the information age or it's just something that i just discovered. For example, I have a mac computer and I just downloaded iChat, i had been using AIM but now i'm definently going to start using iChat more often. I discoved that i can actually speak to my friends who also have iChat. Yesterday i was on the phone with one of my best friends who goes to the University of Arizona and she also has an iBook, so like a big computer nerd i told her about iChat and that i thought it was really cool. So, she downloaded it while we were on the phone and then i clicked on this little button by her screen name and before we knew what was going on we were also having an audio conversation through our computers on iChat. It was really kind of funny because we both didn't know what was going on and didn't understand where to talk into and we were on two different kind of phones at once (cell phone and computer phone?) So, we wasted about an hour or so with this new "discovery" of ours and told another one of our friends so we were having a audio conversation with 3 people and it was just amazing! I believe that would be an example of "living in the information age" either that or i'm just really behind on technology. that's all for now!


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I was just reading your blog and realized my last post was revelant to yours.

Here it is!

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