Wednesday, April 05, 2006

food network and cooking

so chocolate, i only have a week left on lent which means that i am going to be able to eat candy and drink diet coke, which is just excellent. i'm really starting to need candy so hopefully i can make it until easter! thom said to do a blog about something you like and i like to cook, food, and i'm doing a blog on that. i think that i first started to like to cook basically because my family likes to cook, i have found that cooking is kind of something that is passed down generation to generation. For example, my aunt writes cook books and has appeared on numerous television shows. I think that's awesome, i would love to be on the food network or do something like that with my life...i mean how entertaining would that be to go to work and cook good food and make a decent living out of it? that would just be awesome. I feel like the food network has become almost a trend in america because if you mentioned food network a few years ago, there wouldnt be that many people who knew about it, but now if you mention food network i feel like everyone watches it and has their own favorite show..everyday italian or 30 minute meals or paul dean's home cooking are a few of my favorite. i think that food network has done a great job at marketing for these differnet shows as well, none of the shows on food network are alike which, in my opinion, is hard to do when it comes to food. each one of these shows has a different catch or genre, like 30 minutes meals....the name of the show is self-explanitory. well i could probably raddle on for years about food network but i'm goign to stop for today and hopefully i'll remember to update my blog in the next week and continue on!


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