Thursday, May 04, 2006

end of school

Well I can't believe that i am almost done with my freshman year, it's gone by soo fast, really fast. It's kind of bittersweet leaving school for the summer bc i want to be happy that it's summer and i wont have any schoolwork to do but i'm also sad to leave IU for that long. I feel like i am just going to get really really bored at home but it will be good to see all of my high school friends. It's weird to leave my roommate because she is from Louisville, KY and I'm living in my sorority next year so i wont see her very often. In a way i'm going to miss the a way, but i think i'll be just fine without them. I only have three more years left of college so i better keep making them the best years of my life. I'm in love with college and IU, I feel like everytime i go out i just have such a great time it feels like a dream's a good thing i still have three more years of going out and having lots of fun before i have to buckle down and get a job! And by the way...i have polka dots on my blog because i love polka dots, my bedding is polka dots and they just make me happy!


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